BP Spill causes 467 Endangered Sea Turtles to be killed

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I am shocked. Absolutely shocked.

The British Petroleum spill has been going on since late May/early June. It still hasn’t entirely  been cleaned up. That just goes to show you how big the oil spill really was. Experts say this oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is the largest offshore spill in U.S. history.

It is also one of  leading destroyers of wildlife around and in the Gulf of Mexico.

According to treehugger.com 3,000 birds have been killed or covered in oil and have claimed the lives of at  least 467 endangered sea turtles.

Scary isn’t?

The lives of wildlife around and in the area remains in the balance.

I’m not an American citizen but I still really take this situation to heart. It really hurts that these animals are suffering.

It’s also a serious decline in numbers for the endangered turtle population. Now there even more endangered!

Photo Credit - treehugger.com

I’d ask each of you to take some time to read about what’s happening with the BP oil spill because it is really taken a toll on wildlife.

Spread the Awareness!


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Just another day at Starbucks…

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So on Monday, Danielle and I decided to go to Starbucks and catch up for coffee. You know the usual.

Before I left the house my mom stopped me and asked if I could buy some coffee for her.

I said sure and she wrote down on a post note her order lol, cause knowing me I’d get up to the cash and be like uhhhh what was it again?

So Danielle and I enter Starbucks and it’s pretty nice day out so everybody’s buying cold drinks and having a good time.

Woot Woot!

Danielle orders first and then me.

I ask for a grande iced caramel macchiato and just hand over the post it note to the hot starbucks bartista.

He laughs a little and goes to make the coffee for my mom.

I pay for my order and get the coffee.

The bartista and I smile at each other for a while until i turn around and SMACK bump right into someone.

I rock at life..yepp!

I turn beet red and apologize but the man didn’t say anything and just walked straight out the door like he was a man on a mission.

“Ugh some people are such jerks,” comments Danielle.

And I couldn’t agree more.

People really can be jerks sometimes. It sucks.

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So dependent on electricity

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It was a typical summer day.

Scorching hot temperature

Watched some One Tree Hill

Went to Starbucks

And hung out with a friend

Then…the power went off…


But there wasn’t even a thunder storm or anything so how could that be?

It was around 4:30 in the afternoon and everybody was home except for Eric.

My mom thought that maybe since everybody was cranking their air conditioners up that it was due to the that…but according to her blackberry (which came in handy) she found out there was a fire at the transformer by Kipling station.

Poor Stephen Harper had to wait an extra hour to have dinner with the Queen. Darn.

I was so bored!

I laid on my bed texting Danielle and Ashley, but even that didn’t last long. I could have read a book or magazine but I wasn’t in the reading mood. I had A LOT of energy and wanted to do something.

So I started to clean my room.

Yes, I was THAT bored that I cleaned my room.

I went through a drawer that had a bunch of my old high school English and History notes in it. I found many interesting things, but the thing that amused me the most was the big pink telephone from Dream Phone.

Oh Dream Phone…that game was played at every sleepover.

So I thought hey…maybe it still works.

And it did!

I let out a girlish giggle and started to dial random numbers, remembering the fact that the numbers started with 555.

I didn’t get very far and didn’t end up finding out who liked me although I really really really hoped it was either Steve or Matt because those were the hot ones;) it amused me for a while and then I thought.

Wow Jackie…you know you’re bored when you decide to play Dream Phone…by yourself…

That was the bad side of the power going out, the good side was good old family bonding.

James brought me a big bowl of Cookies n Cream ice cream which I volunteered to finish up…I didn’t want it to melt okay!

And I had a two hour cleaning session in my room.

So yeah as sad that it is that the power went out…I accomplished a lot.

So next time the lights go out think of the bright side of the situation!

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Ridiculous Faces

July 2, 2010 at 8:15 pm (Uncategorized)

Oops…haven’t updated in a month…

I’m sorry everyone:(

I’ve been out and about enjoying the summer sun and I hope you have too!

But now I’m BACCCCCCCCCK…for now anyway:p

So…last week I was at Cineplex movie theater and was in the washroom looking at my reflection when I decided to make a funny face…just cause I’m cool like that when all of a sudden a group of people walk in and see me doing this lmao! I laughed inside. Hehehe

So I decided to compile a group of photos where I am making the most ridiculous faces. Trust me there were a lot…lol so I narrowed it down signifcantly.

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Bieber Feverrrrrr

June 4, 2010 at 12:18 am (Uncategorized) (, )

Have you been feeling like a thirteen year old girl? Squeal whenever you hear his puberty free voice on the radio? Want to squish his cheeks because he is so damn cute? And have written JB on your face?

If you have suffered from any of these symptoms chances are you have Bieber Fever.

I’m not gonna lie…I have Bieber Fever.

I can’t help but sing his songs they’re so catchy!

At first I didn’t really know who he was. He came to Muchmusic the same day Tom Felton was there and there were a bunch of girls with JB written on their faces and I was like Wha Jonas Brothers are here?

Sadly no not the Jonas Brothers:( but teen pop heartthrob Justin Bieber from Stratford Ontario.

Girls are not the only ones who are suffering from Bieber Fever.

Mick Follers from Australia has caught the sickness. (It’s very contagious you know)

In fact, he may have the highest level of Bieber Fever. Just look at the picture below. He pimped out his car so his license plate would say Bieber.

Wowwwww that’s a true fan.

Not even I would do that. I mean I don’t have car but I wouldn’t want my license plate to be




orrr some type of Harry Potter refernce

I would not go thaaaaat far…just saying.

I mean kudos to this man for doing it he’s getting a great deal of publicity of it…hell I’m writing about him!

All I’m saying is Bieber Fever hasn’t hurt anybody…except for Justin Bieber’s mom who got knocked down by a pack of hyper-active cases of the illness.

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May 27, 2010 at 8:17 pm (Uncategorized)

Today is my good friend Alexandra’s birthday.

Photo from Alex's facebook (i needed a pic of you hehe)

We met last summer when we were both interns at the Town Crier and Vaughan Today.

Seeing as it was my first official day in the newspaper world I was nervous. Luckily I wasn’t the only intern.

There was about seven of us…yea a lot of interns! And we all became close. We’d have lunch breaks together and walk over to each others cubicles and say hey. So yeah we were pretty close.

Alexandra had worked there before for her co-op so she knew how everything was done. I went to her a lot during the first week because I was still a little timid around the editors. So I’d be like hey….whad up?

Seeing each other every Monday- Friday week for 3 months we became pretty good friends. We took our jobs seriously and worked hard on our stories but at the same time we joked around a lot.

We even went chair racing one morning. (She won)

What’s even more awesome is we’re still good friends today even if we don’t work together.

So look out world for  sexy Greek Goddess Alexandra Christopoulous on the front page and happy birthday pretty lady!!

Interns yeaa! Alex, me and Monica Photo Credit to Alexandra of course:)

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Friends Forever

May 22, 2010 at 12:31 am (Uncategorized)

As we go on
We remember
All the times we
Had together
And as our lives change
Come Whatever
We will still be
Friends Forever

How cliche of me but I had to do it!

Sunday May 16th 2010 was my convocation. My parents, brothers, grandma, grandpa and nana all flew out to Fredericton to see me graduate and get my diploma.

It was unbelievable. I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. Four years goes by SO FAST! If I had a time turner with me I would go back in time because truly the four years at St. Thomas University in Freddy Beach were the best ever!!!! Words can’t even begin to describe the awesome memories I’ve made there.

Even though I’m back in Ontario I’m going to miss everyone so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All my St. Thomas friends have influenced me and made me a better person today so thank you for that:)

And now some pictures of my convocation. Feel free to play Vitamin C’s Graduation song as you look at them:p

Photo Credit: Sonja Gould

Me getting my hood yo! Photo credit goes to Becky Butcher

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Oh computer problems…

May 9, 2010 at 9:51 pm (Uncategorized)

Yesterday I just got my lab top aka Crookshanks back from Future Shop. Crookshanks’s motherboard had to be reset.


Future Shop you told that me you probably WOULDN’T have to do this unless it came down to worse case scenario…and I guess my labbers had a worse case scenario situation…le sigh:(

I don’t have the best luck with computers but I hope that will change soon:)

Even though I’m starting from scratch, it’s good to have Crookshanks back.

We’ve been through a lot together and by a lot I mean traveling back and forth between New Brunswick and Ontario.

In other news…I had my share of awkward/funny moments today.

As my fam jam and I were leaving my grandma and grandpa’s place I almost tripped down the stairs…SMOOTH.

And while we were in the car my brothers and I got on the topic of Lord of the Rings.

James – I don’t remember Gandalf’s last name

Me- Isn’t it Gandalf the Grey?

Eric- No that’s his title!

Hey in my defense I’ve only seen the LOTR movies! Just saying…

"Gandalf the Grey" photo credit: Google Images

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Four years as a Journalism student and I finally get to write a story about Harry Potter

April 19, 2010 at 3:49 pm (Uncategorized)

Harry Potter has arrived in Fredericton.

Well, the Harry Potter fans have arrived at the University of New Brunswick and St. Thomas University.

The fans are taking their love for their favourite fantasy book series and applying it to real life.

Robbie Dumaresq a first year student at UNB came up with the idea of staring up a Dumbledore’s Army group in Fredericton.

In the Harry Potter series, Dumbledore is headmaster of Hogwarts the magical school Harry Potter attends.

“Dumbledore’s Army is where people can come and talk about Harry Potter,” said Dumaresq. “We’ll be talking about characters, different twists and faults in the plot, what we like best about each book and movie. We’ll also be discussing things that have come from Harry Potter, like the theme park, wizard rock, parodies, and even muggle Quidditch.”

Along with Dumbledore’s Army starting up in Fredericton, muggle Quidditch is also planning to start within the residences of STU and UNB in fall.

Christopher Fournier a first year student at STU is one of the co-founders of the St. Thomas University Quidditch Association.

Fournier says, he came up with the idea on a whim.

“I was thinking something like… Harry Potter is so lucky, he gets to play Quidditch, then I realized that it isn’t much of a stretch to do it,” said Fournier. “We made the constitution on that same night.”

Although, there has been some negative feedback about starting up Dumbledore’s Army and Quidditch most of the feedback is positive.

Dumaresq says, his friends thought it was bad idea at first, but now he has gotten many responses and a total of 50 members in the official Dumbledore’s Army Facebook group.

“I’m pretty happy I started this,” said Dumaresq. “The more people laugh at it, the worse I feel for them not embracing their childhood fantasies. I’ve loved Harry Potter since it came out, and I’m not going to put down the book that I’ve read hundreds of times just because it’s viewed at as childish.”

Fournier says, there is much support for Quidditch.

“Not everyone wants to play but Harrington alone has enough interested to form two teams and an off-campus team that was created faster than you can say expelliarmus,” said Fournier.

Dumaresq says, he was surprised that UNB and STU did not already have a Harry Potter group because most universities have them.

“I found out that they existed through a site called Average Wizard at the start of the school year and wanted to join one or make one,” said Dumaresq.

So far Dumbledore’s Army has met once but they plan to be in full gear by next year.

“A girl I met through the facebook group is planning to help me a lot. She goes to STU and we’re working together to make this a great time for everyone involved,” said Dumaresq.

Fournier says, he hopes Quidditch will be successful with the STU residences in fall.

“UNB has a Dumbledore’s Army that encompasses all of Fredericton and if all of Fredericton would watch Quidditch games, then this town is surely magical. I just want everyone to feel like Harry Potter books are not a work of fiction, but a biography.”

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The house that awkwardness built

April 5, 2010 at 6:32 pm (Uncategorized)

The title of this post was stolen from a friend.

But anywho, it gave me a great idea for a post.

I decided to think of groups of people that would create the most awkwardness in a house…

(Photos Courtesy of Google Images and Flikr…accept for the one of Victoria Beckham (that’s mine heehe)

Group A: The house of blues

Marilyn Manson

Justin Bieber

Victoria Beckham

I just cringe thinking about the residents of this household. Marilyn would have the creepy room in the basement that no one would venture to. Justin would constantly be updating  his twitter and just in general being awkward around Marily Manson. And as for the former spice girl, she probably wouldn’t be in the house most of the time and when she is she’s probably talking about her perfect her life is…bitch.

Group B: Drama Queen Central

Kirsten Stewart

Elijah Wood

Jet Li

K-Stew is well…K- Stew. She runs her hand through her hair ALL THE TIME and would talk about how much  she  had to prepare for depressed Bella in New Moon. Elijah Wood would probably be begging K-Stew for a role in Breaking Dawn. He would be the party one in the group and would invite the whole LOTR cast over for beer pong.  And Jet Li…would spent most of his time kicking out the party guests with his hardcore martial arts skills.

Group C: Awkward Hall of Fame

Caster Semenya

Tie Domi

Alex Rodriguez

For those who don’t know Caster Semenya, she’s a female runner who won gold in Women’s 800 meters  in the 2009 World Championships in Athletics . There was a whole scandal about her and how she was actually a man and had to undergo a gender test.  (I personally think the whole thing is ridiculous and that she is female) So, she would be in the household still being accused of being a man and dealing with the awkwardness. Tie Domi would just be punching shit 24/7 and Alex Rodriguez would be bringing different women home each night. The third baseman of the New York Yankees would go to uncover the “real” gender of Caster Semenya…

Group D: The not so happiest place on Earth


The Evil crow from Sleeping Beauty

In this scenario Ariel is still a mermaid. So she would be in the pool 24/7. She would get awfully lonely and the only way she would be able to socialize is if they came outside to the pool. Smee would be free from Captain Hook’s reign. He would look for a new authoritative leader, the evil crow. The evil crow from Sleeping Beauty aka Millicent’s side-kick. He would just glare at Smee and caw at him, you know since crows can’t talk and all.


Group E: The Order of Awkwardness

Neville Longbottom

Gilderoy Lockhart

Lavender Brown

I love Neville, don’t get me wrong he’s amazing…but he would be an awkward housemate. Gilderoy of course would still be under the Memory charm that backfired from Ron’s wand. And Lavender Brown would be owling her bff Parvarti to get her out of the house. She would not want to be around Neville and the former DADA teacher so she would be constantly threating to Avada Kadavra herself.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it…I may write another one like this sometime in the future.

Woot Woot!

Peace yo!

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