I keep on falling

March 8, 2010 at 7:48 pm (Uncategorized)

Last Class Bash, Sonja and Tracey (photo credit: Sonja Gould)

And she's downnnnn (photo credit: Sonja Gould)

Most recently, my friend Bryan told me I was graceful.

One of my bff’s Sonja laughed at that. Her words were something along the lines of this.

“Hahah you graceful! I’m sorry I love you,”

And I gotta say, I agree with Sonja on this one.

My most classic fall would have to be last class bash/Sonja/Katelin/Colleen’s birthday bash where everyone else was trashed and I was pretty sober at this point. We all got out of the taxi and who should trip and stumble out of the taxi.

The sober one.

That says a lot about me.

Another one of my great falls would be in first year when I was intoxicated as fuck and fell UP the stairs.  I’m special like that;)

Epic Fail

My neighbour across the hall…..we’ll call her djswiofrh (cause I don’t think she would want the whole world knowing about this)  definitely takes the cake for the funniest fall.

There was a bunch of us in my dorm room when she went to get up. She slipped and face planted into the door. Okay so it wasn’t really a fall, but it was probably one of the funniest things I’ve have seen.

Picture it in your head, someone face planting into a door. Yeah it would be painful…but it’s also funny.

My friend Nehal who I’ve known since Grade 5 probably had the coolest falls I’ve ever seen. We came back from a movie (don’t remember which one) and we were in a rush to cross the street and somehow she tripped and did a Jackie Chan type roll out of it. Like on the road…she did this! It was WICKED! So, she rolls out of it onto the sidewalk. Then she stands up quickly and brushes herself off in an ‘I’m cool, I meant to do that’ kind of way.  It was fantastic.

Now for your entertainment, here are some youtube videos of classic falls.



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