Jemseg, New Brunswick

March 21, 2010 at 6:35 pm (Uncategorized)

If you’re ever on a New Brunswick road trip don’t stop off in Jemseg.

Jemseg is a small rural community in central New Brunswick. It’d mid-way between Moncton and Fredericton. According to Wikipedia, Jemseg is known for  having briefly served as the Capital of Acadia (1690-92).

The Black Duck Marsh in lower Jemseg (we didn't see any ducks), Photo courtesy of Google Images

So why I am writing about this?

Well, because it has to do with another awkward Jackie Allan moment that’s why.

It was the end of Easter break and my friend Ashley and I were on our way back to Fredericton. I went to her place for EASTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (inside joke between us) and it was pretty awesome. Her family is AMAZING!

But anywho, so we’re road tripping it back to Freddy beach in her car when I have to pee really badly. Like really badly lol. (This is what happens when you drink lots of Timmy’s on the road trip).

So Ashley says, “Hold it till we get to the next exit,”

Thankfully the exit wasn’t too far. So we got off in Jemseg.

Didn’t really think much of it till we walked into this little convenience store place.

Right away heads turn in are direction. They gave us the evil eye, which I was a little offended by. Yes, I know it’s kinda rude to go to the washroom in a place and not buy anything but come on NOT THE EVIL EYE!!!!!

The Maritimes is known for it’s friendliness…at least that’s what I thought till I arrived in Jemseg. The people in the store gave us this look like YOU DON’T BELONG HERE

So Ashley and I exchange awkward looks and begin to make our way to the washroom.

(Okay considering how this happened last year, I don’t entirely remember if this part happened BEFORE or AFTER the washroom but I’m gonna say it happened before)

Being stuck in a car for quite some time, our legs weren’t entirely stable so accidentally Ashley and I knock down a bunch of shovels.

We get some more evil looks and we look at each other with guilt. Well, I actually sniggered. Ashley just gave me a ‘shut the fuck up’ look lol it was funny.

So we make our way to the washroom…oh but waaaaitt. THERE’S ONLY ONE STALL. ONE SKETCHY STALL.

I go first and then Ashley.

So of course to get out of the store you have to walk by the people again. I give them a small smile as to say, ‘thanks for letting us use your sketchy washroom and sorry for knocking down a bunch of shovels’ but I didn’t get a returning smile back.

As soon as were out of the convince store, we burst into fits of laughter and then ask each other, “did that really just happen?”

So yeah…that’s my advice don’t stop in Jemseg.

Stay tuned for more road trip stories as I will probably be in a car with my dad for 15 and half hours back to Etobicoke. It’s gonna be a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnggg  drive.


Bridge in Jemseg, Photo courtesy of Google Images


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