The talented Ms. Molyneaux

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Tracy Molyneaux, owner of Stars In Her Eyes Jewellery Designs shows off the products that she made

The average twenty-two year old spends their money on school tuition and liquor.

Tracy Molyneaux is an exception. The former St. Thomas University student is planning to spend her money on a soldering torch.

Molyneaux needs to buy the soldering torch so she can make her jewellery more efficiently and swiftly for her business venture Stars In Her Eyes Jewellery Designs.

“I started working in a bead store and I became really good at making jewellery so my friends just told me to sell it so that’s essentially how it happened,” said Molyneaux. “I started selling and it seemed really popular with people.”

The Shelburne, Nova Scotia native started up the business this summer and it still has been quite successful.

As well as making jewellery, Molyneaux works at Nicky Zee’s and brings her creations there with her.

“One girl has bought at least 15 of my pieces,” said Molyneaux. “I sell it there and they love it.”

Besides, selling her pieces at Nicky Zee’s, the young entrepreneur’s main method of marketing is through Facebook. She says the Stars In Her Eyes Jewellery Designs Facebook group is still growing.

“It’s pretty sweet,” said Molyneaux. “There are people I have never met in my life that have joined the group and are from all over the country who are commenting on my stuff.”

The business owner also markets her products through a website called deviant ART and through the common word-of-mouth.

“Also, I’ve learned giving free things away helps,” said Molyneaux. “People like your stuff and you’re like oh you’re my friend just take it. Then they tell their friends and people see it and they come back to you.”

As well as her own jewellery line, the young entrepreneur teaches beading classes at the Garden of Beadin’.  She says, she teaches customers how to make rings because she is the only one who knows wirework.

“I love teaching its so much fun,” said Molyneaux. “You get to connect with a bunch of people and teach them something that you love doing. After they see what they’ve done and their proud of themselves, it’s pretty cool.”

Besides teaching, Molyneaux also makes jewellery in a professional studio as well as whenever she has some spare time.

“I chill out at my house and make jewellery, I have no life,” joked Molyneaux. “It’s either working at the bar, working at the bead store, working in the studio or sitting in my living room watching a movie and making stuff myself. “

She says, her life right now revolves around jewellery, but she hopes to get involved more in the fashion industry.

“I didn’t really plan on doing jewellery but something involving fashion is something that I’ve always wanted to do and now that I’m finally doing it, it’s mind-blowing,” said Molyneaux. “I’m only 22, I’m still really young and I’m doing something that I love doing.”

In the long run, Molyneaux hopes to expand her jewellery line and open up her own store.

“Obviously, I want it to be more successful and work with more people,” said Molyneaux. “I just really want to build up my skills and presentation, but we’ll see what happens.”

In the meantime, the twenty-two year old entrepreneur says, having her own jewellery line has made her the happiest she’s ever been.

“I’m loving what I do,” said Molyneaux. “To me that is the biggest indicator of being successful. You can make a million dollars doing something you hate and not be successful because you hate it. I don’t want to do something that I hate doing.”

The business owner says, she encourages students who want to start their own business to just do it.

“You can’t just sit there thinking oh I want to start a business but I’m going to need this and this,” said Molyneaux. “Just go get what you need and do it. Don’t think about it too hard. I did it and it was the best thing I ever could have done.”


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