The house that awkwardness built

April 5, 2010 at 6:32 pm (Uncategorized)

The title of this post was stolen from a friend.

But anywho, it gave me a great idea for a post.

I decided to think of groups of people that would create the most awkwardness in a house…

(Photos Courtesy of Google Images and Flikr…accept for the one of Victoria Beckham (that’s mine heehe)

Group A: The house of blues

Marilyn Manson

Justin Bieber

Victoria Beckham

I just cringe thinking about the residents of this household. Marilyn would have the creepy room in the basement that no one would venture to. Justin would constantly be updating  his twitter and just in general being awkward around Marily Manson. And as for the former spice girl, she probably wouldn’t be in the house most of the time and when she is she’s probably talking about her perfect her life is…bitch.

Group B: Drama Queen Central

Kirsten Stewart

Elijah Wood

Jet Li

K-Stew is well…K- Stew. She runs her hand through her hair ALL THE TIME and would talk about how much  she  had to prepare for depressed Bella in New Moon. Elijah Wood would probably be begging K-Stew for a role in Breaking Dawn. He would be the party one in the group and would invite the whole LOTR cast over for beer pong.  And Jet Li…would spent most of his time kicking out the party guests with his hardcore martial arts skills.

Group C: Awkward Hall of Fame

Caster Semenya

Tie Domi

Alex Rodriguez

For those who don’t know Caster Semenya, she’s a female runner who won gold in Women’s 800 meters  in the 2009 World Championships in Athletics . There was a whole scandal about her and how she was actually a man and had to undergo a gender test.  (I personally think the whole thing is ridiculous and that she is female) So, she would be in the household still being accused of being a man and dealing with the awkwardness. Tie Domi would just be punching shit 24/7 and Alex Rodriguez would be bringing different women home each night. The third baseman of the New York Yankees would go to uncover the “real” gender of Caster Semenya…

Group D: The not so happiest place on Earth


The Evil crow from Sleeping Beauty

In this scenario Ariel is still a mermaid. So she would be in the pool 24/7. She would get awfully lonely and the only way she would be able to socialize is if they came outside to the pool. Smee would be free from Captain Hook’s reign. He would look for a new authoritative leader, the evil crow. The evil crow from Sleeping Beauty aka Millicent’s side-kick. He would just glare at Smee and caw at him, you know since crows can’t talk and all.


Group E: The Order of Awkwardness

Neville Longbottom

Gilderoy Lockhart

Lavender Brown

I love Neville, don’t get me wrong he’s amazing…but he would be an awkward housemate. Gilderoy of course would still be under the Memory charm that backfired from Ron’s wand. And Lavender Brown would be owling her bff Parvarti to get her out of the house. She would not want to be around Neville and the former DADA teacher so she would be constantly threating to Avada Kadavra herself.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it…I may write another one like this sometime in the future.

Woot Woot!

Peace yo!


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