Four years as a Journalism student and I finally get to write a story about Harry Potter

April 19, 2010 at 3:49 pm (Uncategorized)

Harry Potter has arrived in Fredericton.

Well, the Harry Potter fans have arrived at the University of New Brunswick and St. Thomas University.

The fans are taking their love for their favourite fantasy book series and applying it to real life.

Robbie Dumaresq a first year student at UNB came up with the idea of staring up a Dumbledore’s Army group in Fredericton.

In the Harry Potter series, Dumbledore is headmaster of Hogwarts the magical school Harry Potter attends.

“Dumbledore’s Army is where people can come and talk about Harry Potter,” said Dumaresq. “We’ll be talking about characters, different twists and faults in the plot, what we like best about each book and movie. We’ll also be discussing things that have come from Harry Potter, like the theme park, wizard rock, parodies, and even muggle Quidditch.”

Along with Dumbledore’s Army starting up in Fredericton, muggle Quidditch is also planning to start within the residences of STU and UNB in fall.

Christopher Fournier a first year student at STU is one of the co-founders of the St. Thomas University Quidditch Association.

Fournier says, he came up with the idea on a whim.

“I was thinking something like… Harry Potter is so lucky, he gets to play Quidditch, then I realized that it isn’t much of a stretch to do it,” said Fournier. “We made the constitution on that same night.”

Although, there has been some negative feedback about starting up Dumbledore’s Army and Quidditch most of the feedback is positive.

Dumaresq says, his friends thought it was bad idea at first, but now he has gotten many responses and a total of 50 members in the official Dumbledore’s Army Facebook group.

“I’m pretty happy I started this,” said Dumaresq. “The more people laugh at it, the worse I feel for them not embracing their childhood fantasies. I’ve loved Harry Potter since it came out, and I’m not going to put down the book that I’ve read hundreds of times just because it’s viewed at as childish.”

Fournier says, there is much support for Quidditch.

“Not everyone wants to play but Harrington alone has enough interested to form two teams and an off-campus team that was created faster than you can say expelliarmus,” said Fournier.

Dumaresq says, he was surprised that UNB and STU did not already have a Harry Potter group because most universities have them.

“I found out that they existed through a site called Average Wizard at the start of the school year and wanted to join one or make one,” said Dumaresq.

So far Dumbledore’s Army has met once but they plan to be in full gear by next year.

“A girl I met through the facebook group is planning to help me a lot. She goes to STU and we’re working together to make this a great time for everyone involved,” said Dumaresq.

Fournier says, he hopes Quidditch will be successful with the STU residences in fall.

“UNB has a Dumbledore’s Army that encompasses all of Fredericton and if all of Fredericton would watch Quidditch games, then this town is surely magical. I just want everyone to feel like Harry Potter books are not a work of fiction, but a biography.”


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