BP Spill causes 467 Endangered Sea Turtles to be killed

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I am shocked. Absolutely shocked.

The British Petroleum spill has been going on since late May/early June. It still hasn’t entirely  been cleaned up. That just goes to show you how big the oil spill really was. Experts say this oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is the largest offshore spill in U.S. history.

It is also one of  leading destroyers of wildlife around and in the Gulf of Mexico.

According to treehugger.com 3,000 birds have been killed or covered in oil and have claimed the lives of at  least 467 endangered sea turtles.

Scary isn’t?

The lives of wildlife around and in the area remains in the balance.

I’m not an American citizen but I still really take this situation to heart. It really hurts that these animals are suffering.

It’s also a serious decline in numbers for the endangered turtle population. Now there even more endangered!

Photo Credit - treehugger.com

I’d ask each of you to take some time to read about what’s happening with the BP oil spill because it is really taken a toll on wildlife.

Spread the Awareness!


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