Bieber Feverrrrrr

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Have you been feeling like a thirteen year old girl? Squeal whenever you hear his puberty free voice on the radio? Want to squish his cheeks because he is so damn cute? And have written JB on your face?

If you have suffered from any of these symptoms chances are you have Bieber Fever.

I’m not gonna lie…I have Bieber Fever.

I can’t help but sing his songs they’re so catchy!

At first I didn’t really know who he was. He came to Muchmusic the same day Tom Felton was there and there were a bunch of girls with JB written on their faces and I was like Wha Jonas Brothers are here?

Sadly no not the Jonas Brothers:( but teen pop heartthrob Justin Bieber from Stratford Ontario.

Girls are not the only ones who are suffering from Bieber Fever.

Mick Follers from Australia has caught the sickness. (It’s very contagious you know)

In fact, he may have the highest level of Bieber Fever. Just look at the picture below. He pimped out his car so his license plate would say Bieber.

Wowwwww that’s a true fan.

Not even I would do that. I mean I don’t have car but I wouldn’t want my license plate to be




orrr some type of Harry Potter refernce

I would not go thaaaaat far…just saying.

I mean kudos to this man for doing it he’s getting a great deal of publicity of it…hell I’m writing about him!

All I’m saying is Bieber Fever hasn’t hurt anybody…except for Justin Bieber’s mom who got knocked down by a pack of hyper-active cases of the illness.


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